Migrating Mixu’s Useradmin module to Kohana 3.3.0

I migrated the Useradmin module created by Mixu’s to be compatible with Kohana 3.3.0. I  made the upgrades from “official” version 3.1.0, but I quite enjoyed the tips of the Enigma who made the migration to Kohana 3.2.0.

Download Useradmin module to Kohana 3.3.0


1. With the introduction of PSR-0 support, the autoloading of classes is case sensitive. Changed the class file names and some method invokations to match this issue.

See more: http://kohanaframework.org/3.3/guide/kohana/upgrading#psr-0-support-fileclass-naming-conventions

2. Request::process_uri(string $uri [, array $routes = null]) method was replaced by Request::process(object $request [, array $routes = null]). Changed the method invokation to fix it.

See more: http://kohanaframework.org/3.3/guide-api/Request#process

3. Redirects are no longer issued against the Request object. Changed to the new syntax.

See more: http://kohanaframework.org/3.3/guide/kohana/upgrading#redirects-http-300-301-302-303-307

4. Parameter $provider_name in methods of the Useradmin_Controller_User controller was removed and now obtained by $this->request->param(‘provider’).

5. The query builder will no longer detect columns like COUNT(“*”). Instead, you will need to use DB::expr() any time you need an unescaped column.

See more: http://kohanaframework.org/3.3/guide/kohana/upgrading#query-builder-identifier-escaping

6. Facebook vendor class no longer has the getSession() method. Replaced by getUser() in the Facebook module class, as suggested by Enigma in Mixu’s blog.

7. The ‘req_parameter‘ in Facebook vendor class has been changed to ‘scope’.


Documentação “Kohana 3.3”
Artigo “Getting started with Useradmin, my Kohana 3 auth admin module” – Mixu’s Tech blog
Useradmin module to Kohana 3.1.X
Useradmin module to Kohana 3.2.X


4 comments on “Migrating Mixu’s Useradmin module to Kohana 3.3.0

  1. Daniel on said:

    Thanks!!!!, that’s very useful!!! :’)

  2. spirit on said:

    Nice thanks, I’m testing it right now. Where is the pagination module compatible with 3.3 ?

  3. spirit on said:

    Nevermind I found a compatible one.
    Did you perform i18n ? If so can you share the config file of all the keys to translate ?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Robert on said:

    i’m confused to why this module isn’t loading or routing for me. i have it turned on, with the pagination module, but when i go to admin/user, i get a kohana error. thanks in advance.

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